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Netherlands Turkey Trade Directory

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The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has initiated the Netherlands Turkey Trade Directory (NTTD, www.nttd.com.tr ), the first business-to-business internet tool which stimulates and supports business and networking relations among the Dutch and Turkish business community. NTTD came to life as an initiative of the consulate in Istanbul in January 2010.
The scope of NTTD covers companies of Dutch origin located in Turkey, Turkish companies that have close business ties with the Netherlands and Dutch companies based in the Netherlands that have commercial activities with Turkey. NTTD entails detailed member profiles and information on the events of the Dutch Economic Network in the country as well as other activities organized by outside parties (for example fairs and exhibitions). NTTD serves all its members free-of-charge. Bron: Nederlands consulaat-generaal te Istanbul
Bron: http://www.evd.nl/zoeken/showbouwsteen.asp?bstnum=262203


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