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Intern at the Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul

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Intern at the Commercial
& Economic Department / Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency office of the
Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul for the period February 2014 – June/July
Intern at the Netherlands
Consulate General in Istanbul , Turkey.
Internship description:
The Netherlands Consulate General in
Istanbul offers the opportunity for a motivated student from the Netherlands to follow an internship at the Commercial
& Economic Department (HA) and Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency office
(NFIA) in Istanbul for 5 to 6 months from February 2014 to June/July 2014.
The Departments:
HA and NFIA are a part of
the economic network of the Netherlands in Turkey. Other partners of the Dutch
economic network in Turkey are the commercial and economic department and
agricultural department and of the Dutch Embassy in Ankara and The Netherlands
Business Support Office (NBSO) in Izmir
HA is dedicated to assist
Dutch companies wanting to explore business opportunities in Turkish market and
NFIA promotes the Netherlands as an investment location for Turkish companies
and help them establish overseas operations in the Netherlands.
The intern will work at both
HA  & NFIA Job Content:
• Assistance in planning and executing seminars, meetings
and other business networking events
• Primary support in preparations with the upcoming official
trade mission in 2014
• Assistance in preparing reports, replying company
questions, market research surveys, economy presentations, etc.
• Primary support in developing/creating content for
Holland Turkey Trade (www.hollandturkeytrade.com) website, Facebook and Twitter
accounts of HA&NFIA
• Support in administrative HA & NFIA work
• Assistance in organizing Holland Promotion events
and activities
• Actively looking for new leads, approaching
companies and setting up a target list for the NFIA.
Intern Profile:
• An ongoing graduate or undergraduate university
study in economics, business administration, international relations, politics
and / or communications.
• Fluency in both English and Turkish
• Interest in Turkish economy, business development and
international trade & investment
• Efficient and effective approach to deal with large
amounts of information
• Familiarity with social media and website management
is desired
• Key Features: resourceful, creative, enthusiastic, result-oriented,
multiple-tasking, good organizational skills, hardworking, team-player, and
analytical thinking, open communication, willingness to learn and contribute.
Terms and Conditions:
• The intern has to be
registered as a student during the whole duration of internship at a (Dutch)
educational institute that is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education,
Culture and Science;
• The intern needs to have a citizen service number (BSN) and a Dutch bank
• The intern has not previously followed an internship at the Dutch Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, at a Dutch Embassy or at a Dutch Consulate.
• It is a so-called walk together internship, which
means that there are no possibilities for student projects in which research or
thesis can be made.
• The intern should be able to produce a certificate
of good conduct (so-called VOG) prior to the beginning of the internship.
For further information
about the internship conditions and general rules, see ‘Voorwaarden en
Vergoedingen’ on http://iturl.nl/sn3X9
The intern will get a compensation up to € 550, –
gross for a 40-hour work week. In addition, in addition, a reimbursement of
pension costs up to a maximum of € 335 per month is possible.
Interested candidates are
requested to send a motivation letter along with their resumes (all in English)
to ist-ha@minbuza.nl addressing Deputy Consul General Ms. Hester Jonkman latest by 03 January, 2014.


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